Friday, June 1, 2012

hello June,

Happy birthday my dear Azan, he is officially 22 years old. may God bless you, diapanjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki. i will always be there for you. through thick and thin, we still standing strong. no matter what, no matter how hard it will be, i'll make sure we will stick together ♥.

This Saturday, i am planning to bake a cake for him.
can you guess what cake i'm gonna bake? hee.
a cute and nice one! it's gonna be my 1st time to bake 'that' cake.


Farisha said...

send my happy birthday wishes to him :)

looking forward to work with u two on next bazaar! hihi. dh nk bulan puasa, teringat masa bkk booth kt sbg parade tu. hihi:P

acanmunie said...

awww, thx syg :D

yaa, i pon rindu jugak. i will always remember all the moments, ya InsyaAllah one fine day on the next bazaar! :D