Monday, June 4, 2012

1st rainbow cake,

finally, i made it! this was my first rainbow cake ever, scream! honestly this cake challenged my level of patience. it took me 4 hours to bake this cake. oh only God knows why. there are six colours, and i bought the wrong size of bake pan. so, i'm using one pan to bake those six colours by layers. and one layer took me 20 minutes to bake -______-. how complicated.

i love to bake. i love Azan. i love my family. so i baked this cake for Azan's birthday & for my family to eat. i only ate one slice, the others have been eaten rapidly by them. i've told you, i live among boys, they will eat whatever i cooked. and my mom, every 30 minutes she visit me in the kitchen to see my progress. her one and only daughter struggling in the cake war! hee.

i ♥ Azan. i ♥ my family.
till we meet again on the next menu.


Mas Ayu said...

nice cake munie..mcm sedap..bilala i nak try buat plak..

acanmunie said...

you should try! :D nnti buat tauuuu.

Anonymous said...

nk resepi. n resepi for that topping tooo. hehehe. thanks

acanmunie said...

i amek resipi dekat sini :)

topping tu pun ada kt situ. senang je :D

OnenieyWawan said...

cantik! cantik! cantik! :D

acanmunie said...

thank you :D