Tuesday, May 15, 2012

touch rugby #1,

early in the morning before the game started. so fresh haa.

after the game. looking tough haa. 

as you can see, that girl pijak my kasut! so sweet.

last weekend was awesome. i never thought that we gonna enter semi-final. last 2 years we just entered the quarter-final and got lost before enter the semi-final. but this year, we got luck! as you can see, they play rough. a few times i've been tackle and diving, rolling into the ground -___-. haha. sakit gila badan-badan. but one thing, touch rugby is a fun game! seriously no kidding! 


Didiey Fadhilah Ramli said...

For a moment, I thought it was darah at your feet. -.-

acanmunie said...

kannn, mostly ramai cakap blood. haha