Monday, May 7, 2012

test & messy,

oh yeah, esok will be the last day for my test 2. i'll be taking two papers in a day. and then, there will be no messy space like this anymore. but more messy during the final exams, i guess. my final examination start on 12/6 till 22/6. woo scary, because my practical start on 3/7. after all this test and quiz, i should finished up my assignments. tak sabar nak masuk final year and how come time flew so fast ha?

can't wait. can't wait.
oh, ahad ni ada our touch rugby game. cuak.   


maybill said...

eh, munie bukan dah final semester ke skarang?

acanmunie said...

tak lah may, skrg tgh sem 6. total sume 8 sem. sem depan baru masuk final year.