Saturday, May 5, 2012


i always texting with my parents. three of us are bestfriends. yaa, i know it's cool. teehee. cause i'm not the one who texting with azannnn memanjang. almost everyday, my mom will send me some emails. my inbox full with mom's mails. so cute, she send me some funny jokes, quotes, words of wisdom, pictures, tazkirah and many more. at least, she sent 3-4 mails per day okay. and my dad, almost everyday he will send me mms. during breakfast, during tuition classes or anytime. i just love my mom and dad. they are cute in their own way. they are my strength, i study and work hard to score in every single exams just for them. because i love to see their happy faces everytime i told them my results. how glad am i to have such a lovely parents T___T. i got teary eyes everytime i think about how lucky am i to have them in my life. thank you Allah.

this week mms pictures:

1: read a book about blogspot while breakfast.
2: my last sem exam slip just arrived home :)
3: his cute students.
4: my mom new IC. 

see, i've told ya.

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