Friday, May 25, 2012

1st Pavlova,

tadaaa! this was my first Pavlova ever. two layer, but i just bought strawberry for the topping. thankyou Google, for the recipe. hee.

look who worked very hard to help me bake the Pavlova! it's my ninja. how sweet. hewhew. 

my family are very supportive, they always love anything that i baked!
coz they knew that i love to bake, and they are just so lucky to have me!
thats the advantage having the only one daughter maybe, i guess so.
(at least my lil' brother licked the plate okay!) haha. but i just an amateur baker.


OnenieyWawan said...

cantik decoration :D

acanmunie said...

alaa ni x berapa nk decoration sgt pon :) main letak je ni. :D

BENA said...

kite dah lame nak makan niiii . tak dapat2 lagi nih . bagus la munie pandai buat cakeee. heee :P

acanmunie said...

kita x pandai pon, tpi kita minat, tu yg buat tu. hee :D