Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daiso Japan haa?

last Friday we went to Daiso at The Mines. it was my first time since everybody mentioned Daiso everywhere. i am so loud and kept saying "where the hell is Daiso?" till Azan get annoyed with me. guess what, i am loud and he still loves me. so it's not a big deal right? 

see, i am so annoying, i force him to stay still and i took this picture of him before we enter the Daiso. you can see his face right? he is sooo annoyed with me. hee. but after we saw the entrance, both of us smiling full of joy. he said "are you happy now??". and i was like, "wait, wait, i'm going first, you second" we were playing around and compete who gonna enter Daiso first. childish enough.

 and yeah, this is me playing around with all the stuff. 

Azan joined me, and we were playing around together. 

lastly, he the one who refused to exit the Daiso, see he has been infected with the Daiso viruses from me. he keep nagging at me about all the stuff he wants when we married, he wants this type of mug, that type of cup and blablabla. till he got stressed and said "oh God, we need to get married right now!". hey my man, why you so cute haaaa. and oh yes, we watched The Wrath Of The Titans too, and i love it. 

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