Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm gonna miss Ipoh so badly.  since atok left us. I'm gonna miss this hometown. this is where I used to visit my atok, and since kid my brother and I love to ride atok's old bicycle around the kampung. and yes, I love to ride atok's electronic bicycle. oh idk what it's real name actually. I love to follow atok to buy roti canai or goreng pisang. Atok love to take all his cucu and go for a picnic. I just love the environment, my kampung is sooo peaceful. since our aunties still in Ipoh. we will still come to Ipoh. I love you atok. one day, I will bring azan to Ipoh, to your house.


Munirah Abd said...

salam takziah.

oh i miss my arwah atok too T_T

acanmunie said...

thankyou munirah. wah, nama kita sama! i miss atok i jugak -__-