Monday, January 23, 2012

morning sunflower,

vas happenin' ladies. dah a few days i tak online actually. oh yes, last saturday azan and i went to popular to finish our voucher. but we just spent 50 bucks each. so today i woke up early to crash azan's crib, since he will be helping his mother tuition from 10-12 in the morning, so i'm gonna be there at 11.30, yaa i wanna help his mom too. we like kids, and i love to teach. one day i wanna make my own tuition centre with azan. yeah one fine day. that's my dream, and my parents dream for me. okay enough, then we will be heading to popular again, but other popular. we want to visit all the bookstore to finish our voucher. hey hey. gotta go. meeting i punya sunflower. oh ya btw, selamat ya untuk yang berkenaan.

i am so dead if he find out that i turned him into sunflower. okbye. pray.


Syida Shu said...

Munieeeeeee hahaa! Tak pepasal jadi bunga haha

acanmunie said...

haha, bunga yg paling sesuai syidaaa. haha