Sunday, December 18, 2011

just fine,

nowadays, i seem to be more organized at home. i slept early, i woke up early, i had my breakfast early , i done some work and just online for a few hours a day. everything seems to be just fine. i like it that way. cause i'm not a fan of 'wastingthedaybydoingnothing'. yaa, i used to be that girl. the one who wasting her day by doing nothing, just laying on the bed and online. and then i can feel the pain on my back. i hate those feeling, i hate those moments. i felt so useless to my parents. haha. that is why i struggle to practice live well, sleep properly and active as much as i can at home. cause i don't what those lazy feelings come and join my life again. i don't want my child take after me in this bad behaviour of mine, haha. azan seriously gonna blame me oneday. okay till then. eat well, sleep well, live well earthlings!

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Anonymous said...

where is my picture? okay finee. (azan)