Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy december,

well helloooo there (the voice of anwar hadi), november moved, december arrived. i'm done with my test 2 exams, and waiting for my final exams. scary enough. in a blink of an eye, tadaaa 5th sem will be over. i can't wait to graduate and started to work. most people out there keep on saying that instead of working, they want to continue their study, because they missed it. because once you work, you will be very busy. but for me, i just can't wait to receive my first salary eva and work happily. i want to treat my family with my own salary, i just love that way. so, i hope i will get a better job after i finished my degree in major statistic. i wishhhh, because mathematics is not an easy course -_____-.

"graduate, working, maybe doing masters, working, save up some money, get married and live happily." 
InsyaAllah. Aminnn.

btw, untungla siapa pakai plan ini. i pakai yang ni je punnn -__-.


bawangmerah said...

kau pun nak habis dah study?
jealous nya !
hmm untung laaaa
semua kawan aku nak kerja dah. aku je yang terkontang-kanting tak habis-habis lagi T_T

acanmunie said...

farahin, aku 4 tahun lah, ni baru sem 5 third year, ada lagi 3 sem tau. lama lagi. kau habis bila ya? alaa kau balik malaysia boleh terus kerja kannn.