Sunday, November 27, 2011

my new year,

 i spent my wonderful saturday with ze family. we had our three boxes of Dominos for lunch and received another 'sorry we were late' coupon. yeay that. but pity for the one who sent us the pizza, because it's raining. then we went to Cerana for ze family dinner, since it was my bortha's birthday. everything was perfect, the food, the environment, the waterfall, the lights plus the singer. their voices are awesome, plus they are prettay. no wonder Cerana's previous singer  has joined Mentor. they have singers with the powerful voices. as a conclusion, i have a wonderful saturday and wonderful family. what a wonderful start for a new year :') thanks God for give me another chance to live happily. 

"selamat menyambut awal muharam , dan selamat menyambut tahun baru Islam 1433 Hijrah. "
mulakan dengan azam dan semangat yang baru, tak payah tunggu 2012! yeayy.

yang berazam baru, munighah aghiff.


BENA said...

SELAMAT TAHUN BARU munie . heee ;)

acanmunie said...

yeay selamat tahun baru jugak bena :)