Saturday, November 26, 2011


Last Thursday, I hit The Mines for Twilight, Breaking Dawn. Well, it was quite awesome and funnayhh haha. I super-love Bella wedding dress, simple but sweet, and the wedding it self. The decor, the theme, everything looks perfect. They gave me no sign when the movie finished. I didn't realised that two hours had past. I kinda laugh because I was curiously waiting for Bella to open her eyes. When she opened, tadaa finished. Haha, it's not funny. So for part 2, seriously i'm gonna watch it on the day it will be released again.

Wait, somehow I feels like wanna shop till drop at Mines. You know why? I bet you don't. Because last time, I found some cool fashion boutique. Ya right, they got many pretty maxi dresses looks like Pooplook and it's below 100 bucks. And and and, I found one nice outerwear, batwing cut, below than 50 bucks *faint. I owed to myself, when I got some extras money, I will hit that shop again. I promise you :')

Oh yes, did you use your balm ? cause I'm the one who rarely use it -___- And for those who has a bf, I bet all of you want a clean bf just like this right? because I do. hmm. Btw, I bought one cute floral cotton shawl. I kinda love it.

TEEHEE *sounds like nigahiga.


bella dela rosa said...

aaa dekat maneeee kedai dress murahhh cam poplook tu.tell pleaseeeee

acanmunie said...

name dia ying yang kalau x silap i, dia dekat hujung, area FOS, tapi x sure level berapa, level bawah maple kalau x silap i. you try tgok tau, notbad ah baju-baju dia, murah pulak. :)

bella dela rosa said...

ohh yeah da pnah tengok kedai tu hihi tapi tak sempat masuk lagi

acanmunie said...

okay bella :)