Monday, November 28, 2011


it's 2.00am and i've just finished my study. then i straight away had some chipsmore dunking time with my milo. hohoo, they are my all time fav. when i can't sleep, i quickly had my dunking time. because i am super-full after having them. i loike that. but actually, when i'm not hungry and very sleepy, i still had them, because i just felt that i need some choc in my mouth. what to do, i just love choc that much.and don't blame me for that.

somehow, i don't even know why i feel like updating my blog before i'm off to bed. seriously. cause sometimes i'm super-lazy to turn on my laptop, even now i'm using battery, because i'm lazy to take out my power supply and turn it on. i just feeeeel like that. hmmm. and yeah, azan safely arrived johor after his course trip to penang. and i've just received his text, so that's mean i'm done here. my prince charming are calling for me. euwww munirah, euuuww. hak eleh, who cares. haha. kbye!

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