Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm back for good,

i'm back for good and i am very happy, because my dream to get png more than 3.5 has been achieved. i got 3.62 , yeay to myself. i really-really need this because since form 1 until matrix, my pointer didn't exceed 3.5 ,  i always got 3.0 and above. thats why i am very happy and excited. and this is for my parents, because they always wanted this since i'm thirteen, though. thanks to Allah for gave me this. so, this is my third year in upm doing degree. i can't believe it has been this far and i'm very glad to be here because i got my gfs. they are totally awesome to be with. just imagine every single day you are dealing with your fav gfs. it's fun though.

currently, i nak this 10 layer pizza weh!


asya said...

tahniah!!! bila saya mahu cemerlang mcm awak? T_T

acanmunie said...

tak cemerlang lagi -___-. nanti mesti kita sama-sama cemerlang. matrix awk lagi cemerlang dari saya yang pasti :)