Thursday, February 10, 2011

through thick and thin

i miss this two gorgeous babes of mine, safura and nurra. almost 4 years we haven't seen each others. we are friends since 13-teen. back then when i was a hijab-less, these girls are really-really made my day. when it comes to holiday, yeah you can find us hanging around and stick like a bubblegum. but now, we are apart. nurra went to uitm jengka for law, and thank God she's now in uitm shah alam. safura went to taylor college for medic, and now she's in monash university. i'm looking forward to meeting both of you sistah!  dua orang ni dah macam darah daging kita dah ni :)
safura saila, nurra, nurra, safura saila

here, another sistah of mine, aainakona. i'm going to miss her. hopefully she will be doing just fine in Australia <3. she's my nearest friend in town.
mcd prima saujana.

p/s: a ring is round it has no end, and thats how long i’ll be your girlfriend.


bawangmerah said...

dua tahun adik aku study kat taylor and agak selalu aku pergi jenguk dia. but then, tak pernah aku terserempak dengan safura :|
eh chop.
dia taylor kat subang jaya kah?

acanmunie said...

yup, dia taylor subang. aku punn lamaaa tak jumpa dia T___T