Friday, January 21, 2011

i'm dead serious.

i'm broke. but then, i'm not. i'm broke, and i'm not. slap me.

what i had for today:
-super comfy black pashmina for rm10 (i've been searching for so damn long) 
-food again
-chocolate fried-ice-cream

you know how long I've been hunting that fried-ice-cream? you never know. one thing you never know about me is, usually i'm broke because i spent most of my money to food. yeah food. you may see me as a skinny girl, but you don't know what type and how much food i ate. it's not like i had my breakfast, lunch and dinner at secret recipe or starbucks or old town or whatsoever. NO. yet, i still broke. from now on, i wanna control amount of money flowing in and out. this will be my new resolution for this year and afterwards. i'm dead serious.


asya yaacob said...

munie! gambar tu!!

sedap ko aiskrim goreng tu.
ni yang nak beli hari2 ni


acanmunie said...

asyaacob: HAHA. gmbr mcm nk lempang kan kan. haha. haah sedappp, lepas ni nk gantikan mkn petang jadi makan aiskrem gorenggg. nomnomnom. sedap gilos :D

nIEza AniEyZa.... said...

comelnye munie gmbr gerak2..heee :)

acanmunie said...

nieza: teruja first time buat gambar gerak-gerak. hee. nieza buatlah gambar gerak-gerak, mesti berganda-ganda comel :D

Anonymous said...

woee, fried ice cream. lame tak dapat.

acanmunie said...

aja: kan kan, susah betul nak jumpa :D