Monday, March 1, 2010


azan, i always try to understand you. i didn't ask you to spend the whole day 24 hours with me. i didn't do that. i know, you got your assignment, and i got mine. i didn't force you or mad at you without any reasons. i respect you as my man. seriously, because you the one who changed me into what i am now. you the one who can done that. lately, i don't know what was happening to me. i felt so lazy to done my works. everything. but don't worry, i won't skip my classes except for tomorrow morning. i will skip economy class because asya, adie and i will go to usj15 for our project. and I've inform you about that. everyday you seems like too busy. i didn't mad about that, i knew that you got lots of things to do, and you got lots of assignments to finish. pity you, i wish i were there to help you, but i can't. babe, sometimes you didn't realize that you have been too busy until you push me aside. i felt so lonely. plus i am too stress about assignments, to arrange time, to ask helps from my parents, and everything are too complicated. thank God i have you and my gf. you know what, you didn't text me or call, at least please inform me that you are busy doing your assignments. thats better than you keep quite and make me keep on waiting you. after i call you just now, you said you are too busy. okay fine, i understand you. because i am fully understand you, i throw away my anger, my ego, my feelings to fight with you, and my feelings to share about my problems. i know u can't help me about my problems, but at least please listen. i need you as my spirit. just you. or maybe i'm just a big loser and such a cry baby. boo to me. it's 3.00am already and you didn't text me or persuade me and say sorry. i'm gonna send a simple short message to you, "goodnight, iloveyou." fuck! i hate me. i hate for being like this, why you are such an emo haa munirah?! i don't know, and i'm gonna cry. bye.


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