Friday, February 26, 2010

new things to do

last week, acan and i found lots of cotton mini skirts. he asked me to take it if i really really want it. those skirts kinda similar with the mini skirts at cotton on. yesterday, I've found a senior of mine, wore exactly the mini skirt that i want to buy. she wore it with leggings, how cute for a free-hair girl like her. now, I've decide for not buying that skirt, because that mini skirt was not looks like mini when i try it, because i have smaller waist. so, i'm gonna make my own skirt from cotton. i'm gonna design it to suit my size. I've found lots of gorgeous cotton at prima saujana. i'm thinking to buy the leopard design. i just can't wait to go back home and start my project on my mini skirt. btw, i'm so glad to have a boyfriend who can talk about fashion. thats why i do love my boyfriend and you don't. HAHA.

maybe, you just can't imagine how i'm going to wear that mini skirt. but, my dear azan do. because, I've already showed him how i'm gonna wear it. just wait and see.

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