Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it just a 'maybe'

hi handsome.

sometimes i felt like i am the worst one for you. am i? i do what you want, i listened to you, i be a good girl for you. i just have one request that you will change about that 'thing'. i know it is hard, but i know you can sayang. you are perfect, you far too perfect from the others. i know, if any other girls were at my place, they might think this is just a normal things. but not for me sayang, i am just a girl who are really really care about you. maybe i should die and all of this problems will solve. it is better if i die because of denggi, this is because all the nyamuk in kolej kelima like to bite and bite me every night. i just don't get it. why and why ha? is it my blood are too delicious sayang?

i keep on hoping that Allah will help us.
may God bless us.

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