Thursday, February 18, 2010

i'm a loner.

2.00am, Thursday.

when you are alone, boredom will strike straightly on your forehead like bang! i am proudly to say out loud that i'm a loner. oh yeah. i'm just a lil' weird daughter who is such a loner in her room. i just have one and only one friend named acan. sadly to say that he is just in my cellphone. but, i'm glad that he always be there for me eventhough via my cellphone. this girl will become annoying when she can't reached her friend♥.

bila malam, jadi psycho. semua ni dorongan daripada acan.
blame him♥, not me.

kan dah cakap, memang psycho. bila buka lampu baru jumpa friendnamed acan.
pathetic sungguh loner ni.

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