Friday, January 29, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

The LG Chocolate BL40 is the new pink. For those who are extremely in love with modern technology, LG Chocolate BL40 is really suite you guys. LG came up with the new phone which is LonGer.

I like it longer because as we can see, the screen is wider. It is cool because the LG Chocolate phone complete with 5-megapixel camera and when the screen is wider, the picture will be perfect. for your information, even your megapixel is higher, but if you use the smaller screen, the picture will be sucks. Not to mention, but it is true. By using the new LG's phone, you don't need to transfer the picture into your laptop just to view your picture, because you can view it as a perfect picture through the LG's phone which is a super cool screen.

Last decade people are crazy about the colour screen phone, smaller phone and etc. nowadays, people need a wider and longer phone. We need to go with the flow. LG Chocolate BL40 is such a complete and perfect gadget for us. Come on, you should be proud to have a 'supermodel' phone, eventhough you are not qualified to be a supermodel. OMG, very seductive. Besides that, for those who are always dreaming to have a girlfriend like Hanis Zalikha or any supermodel, by own a LG 'supermodel' phone, you can show off that you have a vogue 'girlfriend'. Eventhough your 'girlfriend' is just your LG 'supermodel' phone.

For those who plans to buy a mini laptop which is cute and easy for you to carry in your handbag, just forget it, because the new LG's Chocolate phone can be your new favourite gadget. This phone is so vain by having a perfect supermodel shape and a fully touch screen phone.

To live longer with a longer fun? Just grab a longer phone from LG.

The longer the phone, the wider the screen, the stylish you are, and more fun you get. Everythings are worth it and NO regret.

malaysian's 'newspaper'. cool kan?


azurin nasir. said...

bila nak beli munie? hehe

acanmunie said...

waaah zureen,harga dia je boleh dpt scooter sebijik weh. hahaha. aku nak freeeeee. hee

azurin nasir. said...

haha .scooter? mira punya tu . haha

nak freee? adoi adoi. sesak nafas den :p

acanmunie said...

nuffnang baek hati nk kasi free wehhhh

azurin nasir. said...

ye ke??? mcm mane tuuuu?

asya yaacob said...

kalau menang bagi kte ye

acanmunie said...

boleh bole bole bole...