Saturday, January 23, 2010

i did.

i miss him,

i miss when he seat next to me and hold my cheeks when i'm driving,
i miss when he say i love you everytime we have a date,
i miss when he hold my hands and never let go even a second,
i miss when he take care of my shawl and pin up my shawl properly,
i miss when he carry my handbag all the day,
i miss when we cry together infront of his house because it isn't easy to face the fact that he will be far far far away from you more than one month,
it will never easy,
i miss him when he smile and make those baby faces that he always did while im driving,
i miss him when he hug me and whispered to me that "i love you baby,please jaga diri kat upm",
i miss him when he asked me about his hair,
i miss him when everyday he always asking "do you wear your s*nglet sayang?", "do you cover your chest sayang?".

demmm. i really really miss you. please come back home syg.

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